Elder Safety

Elder safety needs to be first and foremost on ones mind when making decisions regarding your Furniture placement. Here are some small considerations that can go a long way to improve the quality of life and help increase elder safety.

Please consider the following.


Clean Up the Cords

Improperly placed electrical cords are an accident waiting to happen. Its best to put the cords behind the furniture, or perhaps purchase a few gadgets that will help to keep them neatly in a corner.

Keep Obstacles out of Pathways

Consider removing obstacles from common pathways. Perhaps you have a chair that is placed in a location that give the area a wonderful feel, however you have to twist your body whenever you are passing by it, it can contribute to an accident.

Buy Stronger Furniture

Make sure that all the furniture in this area are reinforced. Make sure its strong enough to hold your weight if you lean on them. After sitting for a while, and it is time to get up, you may need some assistance and if no one else is there, you can use the chair to support you as you get up.

Consider Non-Stick Floors

If you have tiles or perhaps hardwood flooring, whenever you polish it, use a non-stick coating. As well, if you place a mat on it, make sure that the mat is also non-stick. Also, after a period of time, the corners of some mats tends to curve up, which can become dangerous, please make sure that you cannot trip over the corners.

As well, if your floor is carpeted, make sure that the carpet has enough groves to help prevent slipping.