Tips for Improving and Strengthening your Immune System

We, in todays world, are working so hard to make money that sometimes we forget the one thing thats most important in all this our health and having a strong imune system is important, with that being said here are some tips for improving your immune system.

We need to realize that its health and happiness we want and for that we are doing all our effort. What is the purpose of losing your health in making money?

What use will be that money if we dont have a healthy mind and body to enjoy and savor it?

Moreover due to our improper food habits, especially preferring fast food over normal, we tend to worsen the health which is already weakening due to the many other external factors. The net result is that we are spending more and more of our time and money purchasing medicines and searching for peace of our mind in various meditations and spiritual sessions rather enjoying the health and fitness that we deserve.

There are, however, some very common tips and safety measures which if implemented can save you a lot of your time, energy and money in purchasing all those medicines to avoid various diseases. In this article, we will put light on 5 major of those tips which if implemented properly and on regular basis can literally transform your health and immune system.

Consume Safe and Hygienic Water:

Water is reason of many stomach related diseases and consuming un-hygienic water can lead to some serious health issues. The best way to avoid all those health issues is to drink distilled water.

If you are not able to find distilled water then best is to boil the water before drinking it. Boiling the water will kill all the germs that are present in it making it pure and safe to drink.

Always Go for Morning Walk:

Morning walk should be considered as a religious ritual which everyone should perform before starting their day.

Morning walk not only provides energy and strength to perform the entire days task, it provides the spiritual serenity as well. I remember my grandpa used to go to morning walk at 4 AM in the morning.

As per him, early hour morning walk will boost your immune system and give you energy and inner strength to live the entire day happily, not to mention the extra hour you get for your work when you wake up this early.

Avoid Junk/Fast/Fried Food:

One more reason of body weakening and health issues is the choice of our food. Now days, we are choosing more and more junk and fast food rather the food that has been cooked properly with all its nutritional values intact.

The junk food contains almost no nutritional value. The only item they contain is oil and lots of it. Be it hot-dog, fries, burgers, pizzas, pastas, grills or any other fast food.

The extra oil in these food items will increase the cholesterol in your body which eventually will lead to heart issues. Consume as much as possible whole grain and whole vegetables food items. Consume salad with each meal and enjoy slowly cooked food with all its nutrients in it rather some huge pile of cheese with some extra oil in it.

Avoid Can/Tinned Food:

The can/tinned food items contains lots of preservatives, dyes and color to keep the food look and taste that same as a fresh item should. These preservatives, dyes and colors are nothing but chemicals.

Our food already travelled through series of germ control sprays and there is very less room to use any extra chemical on it.

Can/tinned food can lead to some serious tummy issues if proper care is not taken while consuming this sort of food. Its anyways better and far better advised to use and consume fresh vegetables and non-veg items rather packed.

Taking Care of Your Pets: Our pets are like our family and we need to take care of them like that. Pets are not aware of what is good and what is bad for them.

This responsibility lies on our shoulders.

Children get emotionally attached with their pets way too early and in most cases, sleep and eat along with them. Its the responsibility of the elder in the house to make sure that pets are not suffering from any disease which might lead to the health issues of the rest of the family.

There are many contagious diseases which can jump from animals to human beings. So best to do the pre-emptive attack rather getting sick and then doing the treatments.

If you can just follow the above mentioned 5 tips, I assure you, your life will be fuller and happier with lesser diseases and health issues. Always remember: Healthy mind and healthy body will lead to a healthy and happy life.