Top Natural Health and Beauty Tips

Navigating the isles for health and beauty products today can be a little troublesome. We here at home healthcare online has put together a list of 9 ideas for the caregiver to use both for themselves as well as for their loved ones.

First of all

1.Make your very own deodorizer.

You may make your own deodorant by adding together equivalent parts of baking soda and cornstarch. This can be a wonderful recipe for deodorant, also it works. The baking soda absorbs the actual odor. The cornstarch absorbs the moisture.

2.Perfumes arent always your friend.

Perfumes may be costly and could contain harmful toxins. Pure essential oils will keep you smelling utterly divine. Essential oils are also proven to have numerous healing benefits.

3.Look at the label.

Frequently its as simple as reading through the label.

Though numerous labels are intentionally misleading, reading the label can help us know if the product is one that we would like to put in or on our bodies.

In case you see a long list of substances, and you dont know what many of them are or what they do, you most likely want to avoid that item.

4.Check the kitchen area.

The best products for our health and beauty in many cases are in our kitchens. Nature offers wonderful fruits, vegetable, plant seeds and berries, some of which make the best makeup products and body-care products.

Somehow, we now have learned to doubt Nature. We think that we know best. We have gone up against the laws of Nature in support of commercialism.

5.Wash new clothes before you decide to wear them.

The clothes you purchase go through many processes and several hands before you purchase them yourself.

If the garment is machine washable, please be certain to wash it before you decide to wear it initially. This will make sure that excess chemicals, pesticides, dyes and bleaches are eliminated before it meets the body.

6.Your body is only one unit.

We sometimes forget that our body is 1 unit. A lot of us have the idea that its all right to use toxic items on our hair, for example. We believe that a product applied outside our body is not going to affect the inside of the body.

This is simply not true. Consequently, if you would not put an item in the body (eat it), make sure you do not put it on the body. The reverse holds true.

7.Less is much more.

Many people have cabinets filled with cosmetics and alleged health products. We have been bombarded constantly with products that promise to make us healthy, younger and beautiful. Nevertheless, the truth is, less is more.

Locate products with the minimum amount of ingredients. Single-ingredient goods, such as coconut oil, Shea butter or numerous clays, are superb products.

Similarly, the occasional meal that is composed only of one nutritious food will give your digestive tract a rest.


We invest a great deal of time in exploring vacation spots we would like to travel to. You will ask in-depth questions regarding whether the car were considering buying gets good mileage and runs well.

Nevertheless, we spend very little time researching the products that people put in and on your body. Our bodies are our temples. Find out about your body and the food and items you consume.

9.Speak to your elders.

A number of our ancestors realized the health and beauty secrets of the plant life and the earth. Through the years, however, weve been taught to discount all their knowledge of health and beauty as woefully outdated.

The beauty and health business would love one to think this. Do not allow our elders take these techniques with them to the grave.