Vacationing with Elderly Parents

Getting older shouldnt keep your elderly parents from vacationing and mingling with the world at large when they still have the capability and drive to accomplish this.

Travel is an exciting experience for them, however it takes a great deal of organisation.

Problems you might never think of could arise.

A thing as simple as jet lag can pose an issue since it takes many seniors twice as long to recuperate from it.

So, it is very important to plan ahead. After talking about every possible detail together, draw up a list that includes all the supplies, medications, and other items which are needed for the journey.

Buy whats needed prior to the trip, since shopping at their destination may prove challenging.

Look for for senior and/or disabled discounts, and think about traveling midweek or off season. State bureaus of tourism, state recreational areas, historical societies, and local chambers of commerce are great sources of travel info, but you should be very particular regarding any special requirements your elder may have.

The more precise you are, the more correct the information you will receive. A Bed and Breakfast most often will have a room that can accommodate a special needs person, which includes wheelchair accessible bath stalls.

It is also fairly common for your senior to be asked to attend family gatherings or special events. This could be both a joy and an obstacle, particularly if the event is at a distance. One of my clients had been invited to a wedding ceremony, a surprise birthday party for her cousin 3 months later, and a family reunion 6 months following that.

These invitations created a lot of stress and anxiety for her, and meant a great deal of work on my part for her to enjoy a stress free time with friends and family. We made our lists for every event all materials, medicines, and other items that might be needed, like purchases such as new outfits and/or gifts.

Gifts were usually sent in advance, even though they were checks.

I looked at the transportation and the hotels, and her aide went with her to all 3 functions. Every little thing went as planned, and I requested family members at each event to provide us with pictures. When the pictures showed up, we put them into a photo album, so she could speak about the events with friends, and have a nice memento for future years.